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The Three Reasons I Conducted the Research Summarized in This Book

Dr. Jack Wiley | July 14, 2021 | Research

I wanted to know what employees most wanted from their managers – plainly and simply, in their own words. This idea is known as employee voice. In the academic sense, employee voice is about employees being able to contribute to decision-making in a way that leads to improvements in the organization of work and in the quality and productivity of work output. 

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Nine Reasons You Should Read The Employee-Centric Manager

Dr. Jack Wiley | July 15, 2021 | Managerial Effectiveness

Reason 1: You want to understand what employees most want from you. This applies to all managers, even the most experienced, but especially to first timers. The truth is that many managers lack a solid understanding of what their employees want – and this can lead to a laundry list of headaches.

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Eight Keys to Managerial Success

Dr. Jack Wiley | July 16, 2021 | Research

I asked 80,000 workers worldwide what they most wanted from their immediate manager. They told me there were eight managerial attributes important to them. Five are behaviors – that is, actions managers use to adjust to or influence the behavior of others. One is a skill – a behavior performed with elevated competence. And two are values – personal standards by which behavior is judged.

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Goals That Make Employee-Centric Managers Out-Perform All Others

Dr. Jack Wiley | July 29, 2021 | Research

In the field of organizational psychology today, the dominant theory of employee motivation is goal-setting theory. It’s a powerful theory explaining what activates people to perform at increasingly higher levels. Research shows that those who set goals clearly outperform those who don’t. And further, that those who set specific, difficult goals outperform those who set general, easier-to-achieve goals.

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